The history of Aladdin Service Provider Group commenced in 1991 with the foundation of a carpet cleaning business. We became market leader of the county in this field within a few years.
During our continuous development our profile has shifted towards facility cleaning and at present this is our main business activity.
Our firm is a family business, our managers are the proprietors too, many of our colleagues know in one our the old acquaintance.
This guarantees the reliability, but means in one that we do not can and do not want get in into the price competition onto the employees' harm.
Our vocational background get concerned our manager who is a certified chemical engineer and our environment protection delegate, our quality case adviser, our OKJ platoon sergeants and our cleaning heads of department and our cleaning technologists, external expert of environment, safety and quality.

Quality Policy

The aim of ALADDIN - NAGY Ltd is to perform maintenance, basic and occasional cleaning tasks of our clients' organizations. Thus with this work we contribute to the provision of healthy, secure, aesthetical working conditions for our buyers both in terms of office and shop floor areas. Our operation helps to create a pleasant atmosphere at work for our clients' staff.

We aim at long-term relationships with our clients and wish to be regarded as a stable, reliable company performing high quality work.

The quality of our services and operation plays a crucial role in achieving our targets. We strive to be able to describe our cleaning services as

  • professional
  • reliable
  • flexible
  • accurate
  • and of proper style.

We aim at providing honoured work, appropriate atmosphere and proper working conditions for our employees. We appreciate flexibility, reliability, professional ambitions, creative attitude and helping each other's work.

The effective operation of our company is based upon the satisfaction of our clients and the long-term relationship resulting from this contentment, and therefore, reliable and suitable workplaces can be provided for our colleagues.